Walk Out Day Two: Wait, What??

Teachers, by our very nature, tend to be people pleasers. We don’t want to rock the boat. We don’t want to make waves. Well, unless you’re me (the SQUEAKY WHEEL).

That said, it apparently doesn’t change when we protest.

I spoke with some of the troopers that are in and around the Capitol building. I basically did the same thing I do when I take a busload of middle schoolers out to eat – make sure everyone is polite and cleaning up after themselves.

They said we were awesome (that may have been my word…) – for such a big group to be such rule followers was great. We were polite and nice and respectful and did as we were asked – by the troopers, anyway.

So why is it that we’re seeing news articles and interviews and such claiming that we called legislators pigs, vandalized cars, and got violent? And since when are we members of ANTIFA?? Why?

The same reason Marty Quinn told us to change professions if we didn’t like things the way they are.


The same reason Bobby Cleveland told us to stop whining and go back to our classrooms, then posted a sign on his door telling us the budget is done, we’re getting nothing else, and then closed his door and refused to come out.


The same reason Kevin McDugle put his foot down on a Facebook LIVE video WHILE ON THE FLOOR, refusing to ever vote for another pro-education measure again because we’re being babies.

The same reason Kevin McDugle’s explanation video after taking the first one down was not better.


The same reason Fallin compared us to teenagers wanting a new car and suggested that we were a part of ANTIFA.


Our message is LOUD, our message is CLEAR, our message is STRONG, and our message is WORKING. Maybe only a little bit, but it’s getting to them. They are hiding in their offices. We are not violent people, but they are behaving as if we are, and spreading the word that we are. They are vilifying us because they know how close we’re getting to winning and when you have no reasonable argument, you go after character.

Well, this music teacher knows Ad hominem fallacy when she sees one, even though I have been told before that as a music teacher, I shouldn’t even know about that…

You running out of solid arguments? Aw, just make something up! That’ll work! Wait, no, you’re doing it wrong – you have to make them look bad!!

Except we’ll be back tomorrow. And the next day. And the next (except on Friday, I’m taking students to the Medieval Fair instead, because they wrote awesome essays and they earned it, walk out or no walk out, but I’ll be back after that!).

We’ll keep coming back every day until the work is done. And no amount of last-minute changing of the House schedule to reconvene at 3:00 pm instead of 1:30 pm will change that, because contrary to popular belief, TEACHERS DO WORK PAST 3:00 PM.

 Mickey Dollens, all alone, unafraid to face the mass of teachers in the gallery. Go Mickey!!

 Said mass of teachers in the gallery…

And the lines waiting to get into the gallery this morning before session:

 And more from throughout the Capitol throughout the day:

 Amanda Ewing!

 Let’s play Where’s Jacob Rosecrants! I promise he’s there! Can you spot him?

 Stephania and Chuck Abell!! I taught both of their boys (and they can SING!)

 Will you join us tomorrow?

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