The Mystery of Disappearing Funding

I posted this on my Facebook page and decided to post it here as well:

I’m angry. I watched a video this morning, posted last night, from KWTV 9. They said that teachers are continuing to walk out despite the raise, and that we are unsure of what our demands are. A mystery spokesperson from OEA apparently told them that they have no idea what we want.

Um…did I miss something? Let me get this straight:

Is this not enough publicity for our demands?

And why is everyone stuck on the raise?? (Hey! Thanks for taking $100 out of my pocket while I wasn’t looking and then handing me $5 and telling me I should be happy!)

It’s not actually just about pay! We need FUNDING! $33 million dollars, ONE TIME, not recurring funding, in the face of our demand for $200 million over three years, and $75 million in the first year alone. THIS WILL NOT KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

Also – I knew something was fishy when these bills were even allowed a vote on the floor. Now I know why – they have given us just enough for us to be colored as greedy when we say it’s not enough. We are now losing public support because everyone thinks we’re getting this wonderful raise and we shouldn’t be asking for anything else. But just today, the hotel/motel tax was repealed from Monday’s bill and that $50 million in funding has not been replaced in this deal. And they aren’t done yet.

Bait and switch, guys. We’ll pass this through without reading it to shut up those greedy, lazy teachers, and then go back on those promises quietly while the general public thinks we’ve done a great job.

And meanwhile, they are congratulating each other for managing to, for the first time since 1990, DO THEIR JOBS.

Our demands are clear. We are deeply committed to the success of EVERY STUDENT. So FUND the education of our students, aka the future of this state. The REAL mystery here is how people are still confused about this.

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