If it smells like a rat…

Tonight brought some interesting action in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. Many of my good friends and colleagues left school and immediately drove to the Capitol to make their presence known during the debate of the latest attempt to prevent the teacher walkout on April 2nd. HB 1010xx passed the House tonight with the 75% majority needed for a tax increase. Many say it’s a step in the right direction, but it’s not enough – I agree. But there is something not quite right about the way it went down.

I was unable to get to the Capitol tonight, as I had to turn in Girl Scout cookie money, turn in paperwork at the bank, and then feed my kid, but I sat and watched a good deal of the debate from home, live streaming. The arguments against this bill was disheartening at how incredibly anti-education our House is at this time. While my representative and many others that I respect voted for the measure, those that argued against it were beyond frustrating. Teachers were called lazy (“lazy is implied”, really just not hard working), and the only reason we’re getting what we want is because we’re being “squeaky wheels”, and real, hard working Oklahomans don’t have time to come lobby at the Capitol.


We were also informed that we wouldn’t be in this mess if parents would just spank their kids.

I’m sorry, what?

And in the midst of all of this, two representatives were seen going up into the gallery, shaking the hand of Harold Hamm, and being escorted back downstairs  by his lobbyist.

Harold Hamm – According to Forbes, “Fracking pioneer Harold Hamm runs Continental Resources, one of the nation’s biggest independent oil companies.” https://www.forbes.com/profile/harold-hamm/.

Ever heard of ALEC? The American Legislative Exchange Council was designed specifically to design model legislation and have their bills passed all over the country. Countless legislators are members of this group and are basically paid to get these bills passed. Tell me, how can you say you’re listening to your constituents and doing the will of the people when you are clearly doing the will of Harold Hamm and/or ALEC?

I’m just going to leave this right here:


Methinks I smell a rat…

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